Information Systems

Micro Services Systems analysis

As a systems analyst I am a  matchmaker between technology, people and business process.
Almost Every business needs information technology to function in the modern market.
How many computers will you need? How many People?
Do you need a server? Who will manage your network?
You will likely need a website and Email
Do you need a free web site a $1000.00 site or $100,000 site or the $5,000-10,000 site some vendors specialize in?
You will likely be doing some marketing and need to track your leads and convert them to Customers.
What is your plan to manage this work? How much will this cost? How will you know your effort is paying off?
A good referral for me is a business, facing IT questions, which needs answers and a solid plan for action suited to the business and the people running the business.
When your technology fails you, it can feel like a messy divorce.
Micro Services for a technology relationship your business can live with.



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