Computer forensics


MicroServices has extensive intimate experience working in specific industries and environments .  We know where they keep the data you are looking for and how to find the evidence, interpret it, evaluate its importance, and support your presentation of those facts to a jury. Computer forensics e-discovery is one of our businesses.

We know you have a choice, and we appreciate your confidence in MicroServices for specialized e-discovery and computer forensic needs.  We offer strategies, and provide alternatives so that you are aware of all your options, and can make a more informed decision.

We provide and initial evaluation at one rate regardless of hourly time/rate that includes a review of the initial reports, search warrants, written evidence and a consultation regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We welcome your inquiries about the process, or our procedures.

At MicroServices we specialize in the following:

  • Forensic Computer Examinations
  • Medical records systems ICU Trauma Medicine Pathology Blood bank Billing
  • Public Transit Vehicle tracking systems Video recording
  • Municipal government Revenue systems fair enforcement equity.
  • Nuclear research facilities


  • Expert Witnesses
  • Over 20 years in depth hands on experience in a strategic role within these industries.

Computerized record keeping are integrated into many organizations and industries We have been there during the creation design and maintenance of these systems.

  • Recover Critical Data
  • E-Mail Recovery
  • Internet History Tracing, Websites (URLs) Visited
  • Deleted, Erased, or Hidden Files and Data
  • Dates On All Files (Created, Accessed, Modified)
  • Litigation support, trial preparation, experienced expert witnesses, and professional courtroom displays.
  • Litigation support, trial preparation.