• Do IT Better Micro Services will help you do IT better. We are systems analysts we design systems to make your business work smarter
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  • Perspective Management consulting With the importance of technology in every facet of business, having an executive who can work with the business to make sure that your technology strategy supports the business strategy is vital. More Information
  • Security Strategies We can help you prevent loss with secure and well designed systems More Information
  • Risk Management Compliance and reporting process tools and training. More Information
  • Web Sites and Applications Websites and services Internet E business e commerce Web application development.
  • Innovation Consulting Micro Services has a deep understanding of current technology, Bright young minds innovate we can be the Adult in the room. More Information
  • Revenue Enhancement Micro Services can help your jurisdiction maximize the detection of non paying taxpayers and help you collect revenue due.
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MicroServices works side by side with you, As a long-term partner, offering expert, objective advice to help solve your most important and complex challenges

Our approach to management and technology consulting combines deep expertise with strong capabilities in strategy, analytics, technology and operations. By leveraging both, MicroServices anticipates, identifies and addresses your specific needs while looking for the appropriate applications of technology solutions .

We help you succeed
MicroServices is your committed partner in the effort to improve your ability to meet the needs of the community you serve.

  • Understanding where you are now
  • Understanding your goals
  • Informing your decisions
  • Designing a cost effective plan to meet those goals.
  • Implementing the plan and managing the projects

Working Towards a Better world
Beyond management and technology consulting, MicroServices takes its role as good citizen seriously. Bettering our world is part of the fabric of our practice  - We will not put doing well ahead of doing good.


Gauge Clip Art Feel Pressure? You have to change the way things are ? Facing regulatory compliance Pressure from competition, high costs?

We can help . Give us a call or Email and we can start , First we will discuss your goals share perspectives and get a better Idea about how we  can help you.

 Establish a clear shared vision and understanding of the challenge to be met “The thing that has been shown time and again to motivate participation… is a clear and shared purpose. If people involved share a purpose and share clearly stated values, that tends to create and sustain a desire for participation in an issue.” – Jon Husband


Jigsaw Puzzle clip art  Can the problem be solved? and is the solution affordable?


Construction Kids Clipart: A cool clipart graphic of two young hardhat hardworking kids working on a construction project; click to visit the Non-Profit Junior Achievement Website. Let's get started

We know what the challenge is and how we will solve it and what to expect , The plan is complete The resources are available So lets get the project underway

Meeting clip artThe projeect is complete, Lets discuss what we did right   and how we can improve , then lets start on the next project.

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