Project Management

Randi used to ask, "How will you and I know when I have done the job to your satisfaction?"
Some clients were disarmed by this question; they had never been asked it before. Inevitably, answers began to emerge. Clients would say things such as:

  • Our record-keeping and accounting costs will decline by 10 percent from those of last year.
  • We will capture 40 percent more revenue from taxpayer compliance than occurred with our previous collectiion efforts.
  • Our Website will move to the top in Google in less than a month.
  • Fifteen percent of the proposals we write will result in signed contracts, as opposed to our traditional norm of 9 percent.

Randi Sherman's question can be adopted by all project managers as well. "How will my project team and I know that we have completed the project to the satisfaction of those charged with assessing our efforts?" The response may turn out to be multipart, but  invariably the answer homes in on the essential question for all project managers who choose to be successful: "What needs to be accomplished?"

You are good at your job, Good enough to know you need some help with the ever more complex technology your organization must employ to remain competitive or to comply with regulations affecting your business..

We offer Project Management. services to  any  organization  needing  temporary Project management services

 In the client advocate role we represent non technical management to work with vendors to achieve project success at the lowest possible cost.

Particularly useful when you are confronting cost overruns and questions about project scope and deliverables.

It has been our experience that some highly technical project cost overruns are attributed to project sponsors (you) when in fact the vendor has not performed .We can identify the root technical issues and rapidly resolve whether it is the client issue or the vendor responsibility.

Of course we can simply manage your in house projects to success in the traditional project management role.

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