AVL Consulting

AVL Project Oversight

Project Oversight is the key to getting the project accomplished on time and within budget.

Once a procurement contract has been issued, the selected vendor must then deliver the contracted deliverables - the CAD/AVL system - on time and within the budget allocated. By charging the consultant with the responsibility to see that the vendor meets these goals, the transit agency can be assured that the project will be successful.

A key element in the Project Oversight task is the proper review of the early documents that the vendor must produce during the Preliminary Design Review and the Critical Design Review. This documentation provides a key indication that the vendor has started the project correctly, and that the final system will be capable of meeting the expectations of the project.

Next, during the installation phase of the project, when all the fixed-end equipment is to be installed, together with the on-board vehicle equipment, there is a need to establish quality-control checks to ensure that the equipment and systems are being installed correctly. If any new software is to be developed or introduced, a review of the software QC procedures are required. Once the CAD/AVL system has been installed and checked out, it is then ready for the final Acceptance Tests and Project Close out tasks.

Micro Services has detailed  experience in the management of large and sophisticated AVL system projects. Our hands-on experience  has given us considerable expertiseof what constitutes an acceptable installation. Finally, our background in software development  allows MicroServices to provide the quality control oversight that will be needed.

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