AVL Vendor qualifications

When our project began , one of the factors we considered was the stability of the vendors involved.

This is important, should the vendor company fail to support the product  your project may fail.
This is particularly true for projects of high complexity and proprietary designs.
The value of our key vendor share price dropped from over $3.00 per share at  project start (1Q-2008)  to 11 cents today. TBUSQ.PK
(update the company is in bankruptcy the share price is between 0 and .0016 per share with a market cap of under $20,000)
The future of the company is in the hands of Management , the fates and the market.
We can only hope there is a plan which sees the critical components of the AVL system supported by a capable entity.
Good Luck

This just in,.


� Provide advice regarding the potential preparation and business oversight for a potential filing by the Company of a petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code; and

I remember when we discussed alternatives to proceeding with DRI when the project was a year late and many technical failures were being experienced.  Westcat management was not ready to put a contingency plan in place.

Westcat AVL a shovel ready project, not good when the guys with the shovels are grave diggers.


TBUSQ last price 12-01-12 .00008 cents a share total market cap under $10,000.

DRI was purchased by luminator. It remains to be seen if Luminator will continue to support AVL , their core is signs. Acquiring DRI just decreases their competition.


A search of their site does not return any links to AVL . If they are supporting AVL it is not readily apparent they are.


What to do when the vendor goes under?



12-15-12 Their website is still up and has been updated , seems they still have a hand in the AVL and ITS world








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