Project Rescue

Software Project Rescue Services

If your software project is in trouble, whether because of improper planning, weak management, incomplete requirements, poor testing or just inadequate skills? Call Micro Services  we are  here to help.

According to the Standish Group research, about two thirds of software projects are not completed at all or completed with poor quality, budget overrun or behind schedule. If you face problems, even critical ones, with your software project, call Micro Services now. We are ready to invest our 30+ years   experience into solving complex problems using structured Analytical methods to mitigate the probability that your project will not become one of the statistics listed above.

At Micro Services, we employ best practices based project analysis strategies to evaluate project status and advise on  the best next steps  that fit your project. Our services are applicable for practically all types of software and web development projects, whether preformed in-house or outsourced.

We offer proven project rescue road-maps that include the following milestones:

  •     Situation analysis.

Our technical experts investigate the current status and situation of your project.

  • Problem identification.

    All significant obstacles such as lack of specification, funding ,user involvement, planning, testing or technical expertise, etc. are investigated.

  • Recovery strategy elaboration.

We develop a comprehensive  cost-effective strategy to reduce or eliminate the threats to an acceptable level. In some cases there are fundamental flaws related to the initial analysis which militate towards ending the project and not spending any more resources on it. In this case a project post mortem can provide guidance for future projects process imporvement.

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