Appliction Updating

 Fall has arrived. Ready to convert that Fox/DOS or Fox 2.x system to VFP 9??

It's quite a tribute to the Fox architecture and ingenuity of Fox programmers that there are so many FoxPro/DOS and FoxPro 2.x/Windows systems still out there. However, with the fifth major version of Windows gaining traction, some of those systems are looking mighty long in the tooth. They serve a business purpose well, but need some major updating.

Do you have one of those systems and have been hankering to convert it to VFP, but simply don't have the time - or the expertise - to do so?

I've been designing and building new applications as well as upgrading existing applications for companies who don't have the resources to undertake major development in-house for nearly two decades.

If you're thinking of getting a project underway, and need an extra set of hands to get that project started, give me a shout...

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