IT Services

Technology Services

MicroServices provides a broad range of technology related, solutions and services. From website design and prototyping to internet marketing and business process improvement, We offer analysis and consulting which identify document and deliver solutions to your challenges. We are a solution provider and offer a choice of solutions which are a mix of what we provide and one or more vendors with specialty skills and services to meet your business technology needs


Websites are often part of the solution whether you have no website or a bad one

We cover the full lifecycle of business development: analysis, design, development, and maintenance. The technology architecture is chosen based on the best fit for your particular business need.



We do stand alone , client server database or Online applications providing specialized tools generally not off the shelf you need to get your work done faster cheaper and better than the competition.



The internet is an element in almost any business of any kind. How you engage in this landscape may mean the difference between success or failure. We work with you to define a strategic plan which can best leverage your resources to gain maximum benefit from this environment.


Use social media and search engines to gain maximum exposure from your website by optimizing your content and online advertising. We integrate your current business workflow with the new technology to improve manageability of and return on your technology investment.



We can design a strategy of technology purchase, implementation and replacement to minimize the maintenance costs and make resolving your computer, network, and software problems a very rare occurrence.

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