511 Next Bus Technology

We are excited to have been selected to provide our management services in this cutting edge project.

The project goals are to provide enhanced customer service and increased safety and efficiency in public transportation.
With Westcat we are leading the way to the future of modern public transportation.
Riders will have on street information about when the next bus will arrive at their stop.
The system also automated the voice announcement of the next stop on the bus itself.
This project not only provides local information to our riders but also provides data to the 511 regional transit information center.
This allows for the first time the efficient coordination of services between different agencies and districts.



Additional benefits. 

Improved scheduling capacity
More accurate feedback and schedule management.
information from where and when fares are collected which is used to allocate scarce resources to meet the demand.
Accountability and risk reduction.
We know where the bus is and how the bus is being driven.

We now have information available on how efficiently the bus is operating and can use this to improve the preventative maintenance program.
Our role has been to provide the Liaison and day to day project management services to West cat and to validate and coordinate the existing infrastructure with the incoming systems.

 While this project is not yet complete it is working and it appears there are no insurmountable obstacles to a  success.




 Skills used

Project management,Networking,Security,Reporting, testing, GPS , SQL server, 2003 Server, Firewalls , Routers , Negotiating , Electrical & municipal code


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