Hansel and Gretel

No that was not their real names, but the Pair of technicians came from DRI to set up our breadcrumbs by driving our routes.

Their job was to establish the base map layer of routes and stops.They also made the first attempt at setting up arrival and departure trigger boxes. 


Is a modem a modem? or do we have to buy all new modems?

About a third of our fleet already had modems and cell net accounts.

We had to make sure our modems would be compatible.

Cell service We added  35+ new data accounts.


When can you send the server?  A: Soon Q:how soon?

Interfaces what is an interface?

A: A connection both physical and logical between the DR600 and The Farebox.

So what happens on an interface? A: data packages are 'Picked off' the "J1708" standard vehicle data bus by a device waiting for those signals..

What is J1708? This is a standard set of numbered data elements which when available are standardized . Not all data is there but when it it it must fit the standards.

What is the physical Interface from the J1708 to the Farebox? It is a piece of two conductor cable with a plug on it. Less than $20.00 in materials.

What Do the Farebox folks have to do to make it work?

A: They need to modify the config file which identifies the J1708 signals to listen for.

How much will we have to pay for this ? $30,000  sounds like a lot of money for some # 18 wire.



The standard defines a 2-wire 18 gage wire cable that can run up to 130 feet (40 m) and operates at 9600 bit/s. A message is composed of up to 21 characters, unless the engine is stopped and the vehicle is not moving in which case transmitters are allowed to exceed the 21 byte max message length. Messages start with a Message ID (MID) character and finish with a checksum at the end. Characters are transmitted in the common 8N1 format.

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