A sign of the times?

"The Passenger advisory signs will be the issue which causes the most problems on this project."
Was it a self fulfilling prophecy? I don't believe so. Read on and let the facts help you decide.
Things to consider when installing an electric sign in a public place.
1: Power?
  • Is there any?
  • How far away?
  • Who will pay the bill?
  • Do we have to dig,
  • Is it safe?
2: Appearance
  • Visibility
  • Day light
  • Night time
  • Distraction
  • Disturbance
3: Local jurisdiction
  • who has jurisdiction?
  • How many agencies must approve?
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Natural disaster
  • Public liability safety
  • Will bad information on the sign damage your agencies reputation and public image?
  • Will incorrect information cause additional service calls and customer complaints?
5: Ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance plans.
  • Strategy for testing and deployment
  • Strategy for Maintenance
How does the information delivered to the passenger get to the sign?
  1.  Vehicle receives a GPS location from Satellite.
  2.  Every 15-30 seconds this location information is sent to a server via  the internet via the Cellular phone network. Other bits of information are also sent to the server.
  3. Programs on the server store the information and begin the processing.
  4. A prediction is calculated and the server then sends a prediction to the Sign controller.
  5. The predictions are displayed to the passenger.
Seems simple eh? Well just wait until you see how many ways they got it wrong.
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