AVL Automatic Vehicle Location Systems

AVL systems what are they?

What do they do?

The systems most basic functionality is to report vehicle position in near real time to a system which stores the recorded vehicle positions in data table rows.

Why are they needed or desired?

The AVL has several key required and desired functions.

The AVL serves the needs of different users.





Are all projects the same?


Except for the basic functionality project scope can expand from very narrow to very broad.


 AVL is a complex technology which inherently consist of technologies which are in varied states of development.
Onboard Processor
radio or Cellular Network data communications links.
carrier based networks (ATT Verizon etc..)
Vehicle network
multiple devices on the bus network. 1708
Talking Bus Internal signs
Change management

On street Passenger information devices
Internet connectivity  
Web based Map and track
Web based Schedule and prediction info
Mobile apps.

Functions extracted from a real RFP
1.2 Vehicle Location Data
1.3 Maps
1.4 Route Management
1.5 Customer Interfaces
1.6 Access to Location Data
1.7 LED and LCD Signage
1.8 Interface with TRAPEZE Scheduling and Dispatch Software
1.9 Compliance with the City of Oklahoma City IT Standards

2. Optional Requirements 2.1 Automatic Annunciation System
2.2 Automatic Passenger Counter
2.3 Interface with On Board Fare Collection System
2.4 On-Board Surveillance Camera System
2.5 Wi-Fi Service on the Bus

3. Proposed Solution 3.1 Data & Infrastructure
3.2 Hosted Versus Non-Hosted
3.3 Software and Hardware Requirements
3.4 Warrant and Maintenance
3.5 Documentation
3.6 Training
3.7 Installation




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