Don't get hacked like Westcat

We have solutions to make it far less likely this will happen to you. Call us and we will do a better job than whoever is managing this.

Recently a decision was made to change IT services providers, While microServices  was in charge no incidents like this ever occured. There is a qualitative difference in IT consultants. This vulnerabiity was identified and a remedy proposed over 6 months ago. What price bad press and customer inconvenience? "The increasingly complex IT infrastructure at Westcat requires a significantly increased level of support" This advice was ignored.

The only shame is that we did so much better and now what we carefully built is falling apart.

SHAMING HACKERS: Officials of West Contra Costa bus agency WestCAT were baffled after someone hacked into the Wi-Fi systems of two Lynx commuter buses last week, unhooking them from cyberspace indefinitely.

Hoping at least to shame the perp or perps into ceasing and desisting, they tweeted to the world: "The Wi-Fi on LYNX buses 200 & 202 has recently been hacked. Wi-Fi will be unavailable on theses buses until issue is resolved. We apologize."

"We " thought we'd at least make public the cause of the system being down in hopes of embarrassing the person responsible," WestCAT General Manager Charles Anderson explained. "It's hard to understand people and their motivations sometimes."

Wi-Fi is a much-appreciated convenience for Lynx commuters, WestCAT marketing coordinator Yvonne Morrow said. Lynx service, inaugurated in 2005, links the Hercules-Rodeo area with San Francisco's Transbay Terminal. Lynx

has offered free Wi-Fi service since 2007.

The damage was not necessarily inflicted by someone on the bus, Morrow said.

"Anyone near the vicinity of the bus while it is in operation could in theory find a way to use the Wi-Fi," she said. "It could even be from a car passing on the freeway or someone using a device at the transit center while the bus is running.

"The individual either mistakenly or maliciously changed the access passwords for both buses, and even the manufacturer cannot look at the router remotely," Morrow added.

Maintenance workers had to pull out the hacked units and send them back to the manufacturer to be wiped clean of their memory and reprogrammed. Meanwhile, the two buses will be WiFi-less for two weeks at least, Morrow said.


Smile Yvonne, and hope the decision makers come to their senses.




Who is the CIO / CTO in Your Organization

With the importance of technology in every part of business, having an executive who can work with the business to make sure that your technology strategy supports the business strategy is vital.

 For many small and mid-sized companies, the amount of strategic work required does not warrant a full time employee CIO.

 These organizations either pay a full time employee to do a part time job or let less qualified managers attempt to fill a role  above their skill level.

Companies without skilled IT management consistently fail to align their IT strategy and spending with critical business goals.

The Technology sales representative will logically emphasize the areas of their solution which fits your challenge and often fail to recognize the areas which do not fit.



  1. Collaborate on your business goals and objectives and develop the  strategies to support them.
  2. Create the road map that will serve as the foundation for your planning and budgeting.
  3. Deliver ongoing consultation to the business for implementing new solutions that support the strategic  plan.



We listen to you we look at what your challenges are and we recommend a set of  solutions.

We partner with you and present a set of choices usually at different price points to meet your challenge  in a cost effective way.

In some cases the solution may not increase your profits directly but will prevent or mitigate losses which can have dramatic impacts on your bottom line.


Profit = Revenue - costs

We can help you increase your profits and or reduce your costs.


In a public service model the equation is slightly different

Service Level = Revenue - Costs


Systems analysts figure out how to use computers to get things done. They tell businesses and other organizations which computers and software to buy, and they decide how to get those tools to work together.

Computer systems analysts start their work by asking people what they need their computers to do. Then, they plan a computer system that can do those tasks well. A system can include many computers working together and different types of software and other tools.

After analysts understand what the system needs to do, they break down the task into small steps. They draw diagrams and charts to show how information will get into the computers, how that information will be processed, and how it will get to the people who need it. For example, analysts might decide how sales information will get into a store's computers and how the computer will add up the information in a way that makes it useful for store managers.

Analysts experiment with different computer system plans. They try various tools and steps until they find the system that is fastest, easiest, and costs the least.

Next, analysts decide which computers, software, and tools to buy. They also tell computer programmers how to make any new software that is needed. They give the programmers step-by-step instructions. Some analysts help make the software, too.

The main job for some systems analysts is getting computers to work together. They connect them into a network. Analysts decide how to get information from one computer to another. Many help people get data from the Internet.

After planning a system, analysts test it to make sure it works. They check to make sure that information is processed quickly and without mistakes. They also watch to see if the system is easy to use. Often, they have to change their plans to make the systems better.

Computer systems analysts work in offices or computer labs. Some work from home. Working on a computer for a long time can give these workers eye, back, or wrist problems.

Sometimes, these workers work long hours to get a project done on time.

Analysts usually work as part of a team.

I T Services

If you are in any of the listed kinds of business or operation we can consult most effectively. We have extensive experience serving  Key players in these industries

If you are in the following businesses we already understand your issues and challenges. We can speak your language and provide the technology answers you need to be most competitive.

Municipal Government

Revenue enhancement and Information technology services and consulting. GIS database services Infrastructure planning network design forms automation customer service Fire department special software Police Department CAD.

Hospital and Medical Practice

We consult on many areas of Hospital Information technologies.

Internal networks, Intranet Extra nets, Patient Portals Diagnostic machine interfaces Governance portals, Laboratory systems, Internal system audits. Etc,,

Software for the ICU Apache II and others.

Public Transit Services:

We understand transit from the basics to the latest in on street information systems to provide real time predictions to Passengers. Instrumental in the first Agency implemented system providing on street Passenger advisory signs and Real time predictions to 5-11.

We have software to assist you in analyzing where and when you collect your fares.

We understand Genfare (GFI) data and can associate this with AVL data to deliver reports on usage and utilization.

Private schools

Internal administration , Website portals intra nets.

Security and Fire systems

Life safety and environmental systems. Fire suppression systems

Electronic security for the highest most secure locations. Anti Terrorism systems. Personal anti Kidnap systems for High value targets.

Petroleum refiners.

We have worked with Chevron Research to design and build their Fluid catalytic cracking simulator software.

Financial services Financial consultants and Brokers.

We can provide you with Information systems support, We understand many of the requirements and compliance issues you face. You depend on your systems we make them dependable.

Construction and industry

We understand construction and cost tracking on a per job basis. Integration of Timecard and accounting with Materials and trucking vendors subcontractors.

Marine Surveying and Marine services

We can make your Job easier and your customer service much more efficient.

Cabinet and other specialty craftsmen.

We understand the CNC machines and how they work with design software. We have supported Custom cabinet makers for almost 20 years. Cabinet ware and other software.

Micro Services is dedicated to helping cities and counties maximize revenues through application of effective technical and procedural tools to automate Revenue identification and collection. We can provide you with either a service or related software products. Revenue fairness reduces the pressure to raise rates.