BLIS,™  Business License software, with over twenty years reliable service.

Extremely satisfied customers have provided rave reviews. BLIS™ has been designed to support your licensing needs well into the future.  BLIS™ is truly the Ultimate Licensing System as it allows flexibility previously thought impossible for issuance and maintenance of virtually any type of license. Change

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  • Case Study:City pf Piedmont
  • Integrated Tax Forms


  • Minimized costs —Automation and Electronic Issuance reduce the costs associated with issuing business licenses.
  • Enhanced revenue — Discover who may have previously fallen through the cracks. The automation of detection and enforcement, invoicing, and receivables processing can yield previously undiscovered revenue.


BLIS™ Business License Software has been designed from start to finish with the end user in mind, providing real time in city address validation, enhanced departmental approval processing, user customizable fields/labels, notes for contacts as well as user customizable reports internal report editor.

BLIS™ features  Blis property module allows you to maintain the system of record (master data set) for your parcels and addresses in  your jurisdiction . you are can maintain additional information such as congressional district, longitude, latitude and more. Each of these fields can be used for ad-hoc reporting. BLIS™ can pass this information to ESRI or other mapping systems to generate geographic maps. Parcel information will be available on-line to subscribers of CD-DATA assessor information. In addition, phone numbers may be verified against MANY DATABASES MAINTAINED BY OTHER AGENCIES AND DEPARTMENTS, that contain just the businesses within your city.


BLIS is a true client server application. It is written using Microsoft tools to obtain maximum speed and flexibility possible. BLIS complies with the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) technology that allows BLIS to utilize any ODBC compliant database. It is designed for single user, network and remote environments.



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Operating Environment

Our systems are designed to run on  Windows® systems. An ODBC compliant database system is optional. Often, this means a Windows server with MS Sql Server.

If your city is has a population of over 1 million you may need to use a SQL server.


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