Fare data management service.

Reduce by 80% the effort required to compile your monthly reports. Estimated to reduce required effort by 1800 hours per year or more. Data manually compiled over a month period produced in 18 minutes.




AVL Data used by 511



Fare data management service.

Reduce by 80% the effort required to compile your monthly reports. Estimated to reduce required effort by 1800 hours or more per year . Data manually compiled over a month period was produced in 18 minutes.



 Problem Statement


The preparation of and submission of the monthly reports takes too much effort.
The Process is error prone and difficult
The Process is labor intensive.


 Success looks like 

  • The Process will take less time
  • The Process will be accountable
  • The process will require less specialized knowledge.
  • The Process will be more accurate.


Acceptance criteria

  • The project will be considered a success if it achieves goals set forth in the desired outcome
  • Stakeholder analysis (impact)
  •  Resource impact
  • The impact on labor requirements to produce the monthly report will be substantially reduced.


High level business requirements

  •   Agency requires a streamlined process which relies on automation to reduce the effort and errors involved in the monthly report process.


Business context


  •   Agency is a public agency
  •   The actual operations are performed by a subcontractor


 In/ out of scope


  •   The interfaces to systems and data sources are in scope
  •   The Limits of this endeavor are the processing of data supplied by external source


Related Experience

Worked as the agency Technical Project administrator for a DRI project.  I withdrew when It seemed liek DRI woudl not be able to complete the project.

Comprehensive AVL Features Digital Recorders®

AVL offers a set of integrated tools and applications designed to address the real-time and historical needs of the transit industry. Transit management, planners, dispatchers, vehicle operators and passengers are each uniquely served by its rich feature set.

Real-Time System Monitoring

  • Vehicle Location on Digital Maps
  • Schedule Adherence Monitoring
  • Headway Monitoring (BRT, Shuttles, Airports)
  • Route Adherence (Off-Route Detection) Color Coded Operational Statuses
  • List Views – Text Views of the System

Full On-Vehicle System Integration

  • Single Point Login
  • Automatic Vehicle Health Monitoring (AVM)
  • J1708
  • J1939 (CAN Bus)
  • Multiplex Systems
  • Farebox Integration
  • APC Integration
  • Video Camera Integration Internal/External Sign Integration Automatic Vehicle Announcement System (AVAS)
  • 802.11g WiFi System Updates and Data Offload

Flexible Communications

  • Private Radio
  • Cellular Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN)
  • Voice Radio Control – RTT/PRTT
  • Pre-Defined Messages to and From Vehicles
  • Free-Text Messages From Dispatch to Vehicles
  • Remote Triggering of Audio/Visual Messages on Vehicles


  • Covert Emergency Alarms
  • Off-Route Monitoring

Incident Management

  • Playback
  • Incident Reporting

IT Features

  • Access Control by User Login Rights
  • MS SQL Database Support
  • Data Import/Export
  • Interface to Third Party Scheduling Software Logging of All Communications Packets

AVL Reports

  • Access Control by User Login Rights
  • On-Time Performance – Counts and Percentages
  • Late Performance – Counts and Percentages
  • Arrival/Departure Detail Reports
  • Early Departure Reports / Late Login Reports
  • Missed Block Reports / Pull Out Reports AVM Reports Headway Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reports Using Crystal Reports Customized Reports

Support Tools

  • Sign Display and Definition
  • Schedule Creation and Import
  • Bus Arrival Display Management Announcement Set-Up and Maintenance
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